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HTML in Flash/Flex

I was mandated at work to work on the company’s website. Since the site needs to incorporate a blog for several employees, the option of writing the whole site in Flash was out of the question, as people would embed whatever videos from YouTube, images from various places, etc. The support for HTML rendering with Flash Player is fairly limited.

Not anymore! Today, I decided to simply Google Flash HTML renderer and I come across this little marvel: It’s a fairly advanced HTML renderer. It supports most of the features that one would need on a blog. I have yet to try this library, but I sure will as soon as I can. This puts the idea of writing the whole site with Flash and GAIA Framework back in the run!

Hope you enjoy this library!


  1. Remi says:

    Great find! This kind of tool can cause a paradigm shift on the way we see and use Flash. Let’s hope it stands up to the task.

  2. sgermain says:

    I had the chance to try out this product and it works very well. I was able to implement a blog feed with HTML embed tags, mostly for youtube videos, and it works pretty painlessly. I hope Adobe picks up on that kind of stuff and work hard to make Flash Player a little more HTML compatible. It’s already great that they have some level of support, but more is needed.

  3. Chris says:

    As one of the earlier cooibtrutnrs to amfphp, I welcome this. I wouldn’t be too concerned about stalling amfphp development, if there is a need someone will take over as Patrick and Wade have shown.Ultimately with the addition of amf to the zend framework you will have superior functionality and efficiencies. Remember this is only because Adobe has opened up the format and is agreeable to these arrangements. Big props to them.

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