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AMF Tutorial part 3 added

Hey! I finally took the time to write up the last part of my AMF tutorial.

Hope it answers your questions!


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AMF Tutorial part 2 added

I know, I was supposed to write to my blog more often than this, but I was pretty busy. Anyway, here it is! You can access it through the Tutorial link at the top of the page!


PS: Feel free to leave any feedback.

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Number Formatting with AS3

I ran into a problem the other day where, I’m pretty sure a lot of you actually ran into as well, number formatting with AS3.

The big problem is that Math.round doesn’t allow you to specify a precision.

I tried to make this function work as closely as PHP’s number_format() function, here’s my attempt:

function numberFormat(num:Number, decimals:int = 0, thousands:String = ','):String
	var buffer:String = '';
	var truncate:Number = 0;
	var orig:String = '';
	if (decimals > 0) {
		var ratio:int = Math.pow(10, decimals);
		var tempDecimal:Number = (Math.round(num * ratio) / ratio);
		truncate = (Math.round((tempDecimal - Math.floor(num)) * ratio) / ratio);
		if (truncate == 1) {
			num += 1;
			truncate = 0;
		orig = Math.floor(num).toString();
	else {
		orig = Math.round(num).toString();

	var iteration:int = 0;

	for (var i = (orig.length - 1); i >= 0; i--) {
		if (((iteration % 3) == 0) && (iteration > 0)) {
			buffer = thousands + buffer;
		buffer = orig.charAt(i) + buffer;

	if (truncate > 0) {
		buffer += '.' + truncate.toString().substr(2);

	return buffer;

Hopefully, it helps you resolve your number formatting issues.

New Tutorials Section!

Hello all, I just now added a new section to my blog, a tutorial section.

For now, there is only a partial one on AMF connectivity between ActionScript and PHP.

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