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Swagger and NodeJS

I recently had to write an API for a mobile application for the company I work for (Blue Sombrero). When I was asked what stack I would use, I considered using the current platform the websites were running on (.NET). When I saw how complex it would be to get everything up and running, I decided go swim against the current and implement it with NodeJS and Express.

The cool thing with NodeJS is that it’s so simple to setup using AWS’ Elastic Beanstalk. At a previous job (TBS), I had to implement an API in my mobile app and I remembered that the developers of the API used a system called Swagger.

The cool thing with Swagger not only providing developers with powerful tools to create RESTful endpoints, but also create code that’s self-documented. Plus, with their Swagger-ui, you can easily test your API using a very simple web interface.

Check it out for yourselves!