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iOS Mobileprovision expired? No problem!

I ran across an issue with an app I had distributed with an enterprise distribution certificate. The problem is, after a year, the certificate expired.

What to do? Download the code again, recompile the app, make sure everything works with the latest iOS SDK, etc. I ran into multiple issues doing so as the application I needed to update the embedded provisioning profile where, because of changes in the iOS SDK, some of my code was simply not compatible anymore. It’s a legacy app and nobody wants to update that stuff, no time, no budget, etc.

Then, I came across this brilliant website that explained how to extract the app, inject a new mobile provisioning profile, resign the app and repackage everything. Here’s the code for it:

unzip app.ipa
rm -rf Payload/
cp ~/Downloads/MyProfile.mobileprovision Payload/
codesign -f -s “iPhone Distribution: Name Of My Certificate” –resource-rules Payload/ Payload/
zip -qr app-resigned.ipa Payload/

Genius! Worked like a charm and saved me the headache of re-compiling everything.